Snail Mail's New Track
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 16, 2018

    • Posted by: Elissa Fertig

    A little folkier than anything we've heard before (and clocking in at just over two minutes), Lindsey Jordan's newest track as Snail Mail sounds like a sour, end-of-summer day, when it's too hot to do anything but go back inside and cut your losses. Her last track, "Heat Wave", a laconic and moody song about unrequited love with some satisfying guitar licks, was released just several weeks ago and now she's back to satisfy listeners with a song half as long and half as cheerful.

    Starting out in a low major key and warbling like molasses, Jordan's voice mumbles, "June's glowing red, a strawberry moon / You're always comin' back a little older", calling to mind the passage of time over delicate guitar picking. The hook croons the title, "Let's find an out / we'll start anew", and here her voice takes a turn for the desperate, while a quiet drumbeat thrums in the background. The song never reaches any kind of climax and barely has a hook beyond the looping guitar instrumentation and faded rhythm, sounding like Jordan might've tried to find an out, but she only got as far as the back porch.

    Her debut record, Lush, is set to release on June 8th via Matador Records.

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