Sylo: Your New Favorite Music Streaming App
    • TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017

    • Posted by: India Allouche

    Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of music streaming sites there are out there? I do. At one point, I was paying for Soundcloud Go, Spotify Premium, and Tidal, (because Lemonade, duh). Imagine having all of these streaming platforms in one place, and for free. Yeah, you read that right.

    Sylo is a new streaming app that combines Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes, and YouTube into one library. It's a stream dream! It's organized, fast, and damn easy to use. It even has a discover page that compiles your musical taste into various playlists (cough cough, Spotify). I personally tend to use apps like Soundcloud to find smaller artists who might not be under a label, or haven't reached a top 100 list yet. On this new app, I can mix my top 100's with those smaller up-and-coming artists. You can even upload the absurd amount of playlists you've made on Spotify onto the Sylo app. It's that simple. And don't think of this as you abandoning your favorite apps. You're not getting rid of these other apps, but mostly just making your life easier with Sylo. Your time, energy, and battery life will thank you. Think of this app as the best party of the year. Everyone is invited, and there's no bouncer. I have been using it all day, and I'm not disappointed yet.

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