Out and About: Har Mar Superstar at Le Poisson Rouge
    • THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    It seems this morning's biggest story was about Kanye's surprise rant of a show last night at Roseland Ballroom during Adult Swim's Upfront event, but we can wholeheartedly say, screw that shit. We were too busy movin' and groovin' to the sweet, sweet soul of Har Mar Superstar down at Le Poisson Rouge to worry about whatever nonsense he rambled. Believe it or not, I went down to LPR to see the Superstar on my own accord, without any editorial agenda, or any intention of posting a write-up today (meaning I actually purchased tickets). But after witnessing this amazing performer and his crew rip through songs new and old, the newest coming off his recently released, fifth full-length Bye Bye 17, I understood that it would be doing you all a disservice if I omitted the telling of my experience.

    Har Mar ascended the stage at around 12:30am dressed in an Egyptian-looking poncho with a liter of Jagermeister held under his arm, which means I am quite exhausted and still nursing a bit of a hangover. In between songs, he reminded us that he's the greatest ever, but we already knew this much. He also made sure to ask an innocent bystander named Kieran Culkin to come on his podcast, and scolded a zealous fan for throwing a rose on stage. Hasn't anyone seen Selena?!

    The party really kicked off when Sean [Har Mar Superstar] ditched the parka revealing his icecream jerk tux to perform his latest soulful hit "Lady, You Shot Me", accompanied by what are seemingly James Brown-inspired steps, but we all knew this little man could move. Seeing him perform this remarkably infectious new song live, however, is what fueled my decision to post about last night's events. If you're not familiar with this singer-songwriter's persona, he's an eccentric extrovert, and quite sarcastic at all times. Recently, I noticed a tweet, which I probably shouldn't have taken seriously, but I'm going to embrace my gullible side and lobby in its support. In this particular tweet, Har Mar Superstar invites any green-lit TV pilots to use his song as their theme tune, and I want to see it happen. Listen to said song, "Lady, You Shot Me", below.

    What'd you think? I think it could fit anything. I'd say an NBC rom-com, but we'd want it to last more than one season. So how about Investigation Discovery series about killer couples? I don't know, I don't make TV shows. But it would work well, I guarantee it.

    And look at this move!

    Bye Bye 17 is out now, and you should definitely buy it.

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