new music video: bill callahan
    • MONDAY, MAY 16, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    Smog's Bill Callahan has released a music video for the track "Riding For The Feeling" from Apocalypse, and confirms everyones suspicions that maybe there is a little loneliness behind these somber tunes. The music video is utterly draped in the sadness that surrounds the soft guitars and lyrical tales of goodbyes, expressed in an animated man who resembles a skiier, slowly floating over mountains for literally the entire six minutes of the song.

    In addition to the heartbreaking stagnation suggested in the video, every single visual that rolls through the screen (aka: triangle mountains and skiier-man) is seen in varying shades of grey, showing no color whatsoever. Though not terribly exciting, the video definitely captures the subtle, gut-wrenching pain that drenches the song's sonic elements. Watch Bill Callahan's music video for "Riding For The Feeling" below, directed by Archie Radkins, and prepare yourself to do some contemplative internal reflection.

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