What Your Coffee Order Says About Your Music Taste
    • TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2018

    • Posted by: Emma Dugas

    So today, moments after drinking my morning cup of coffee, I received a notification on my phone. "Coffee may come with a cancer warning label in California." Very cool. According to CNN, there is a carcinogen called acrylamide that is found in coffee. It's because of the way the beans are roasted. This is concerning for sure...coffee is apart of so many people's daily routines. I read on. According the the National Coffee Association, the amount of acrylamide in a cup of coffee is a safe level. Even cooler. Whether or not you believe CNN is up, but one thing is for sure. Your coffee order says a lot about you as a person. So, jumping to some pretty big conclusions, we thought it appropriate to make some pretty bold predictions about what your coffee order says about your music taste.


    If you're a latte drinker, you like to have options. Honestly, there are so many different latte flavors...it's easy to get overwhelmed. American Football is perfect for you. They are a killer band who are so musically talented with their complex and calculated guitars. Their singer, Mike Kinsella, has such a calming voice though. This band will stimulate your brain without being overpowering.


    Frappuccinos are fun and like, all sugar...kind of like Taylor Swift. This is the perfect song for you for two reasons: First, you might get some hate for ordering a frapp because "it's not real coffee" but as always "the haters gonna hate hate hate hate." The second reason this song is great for the frappuccino drinker is because you might be shaking from all that sugar, so you just have to "shake it off."

    Black Coffee:

    If you like black coffee you're probably a chill kind of person. You might also have a very strong aesthetic, or maybe you're trying to cut back on frivolous spending. No matter what the reason is. Nothing goes better with black coffee than the The Smiths. You're probably not a fan of the many controversial things Morrissey has said over the years, but you probably still love his writing style and would probably agree "Meat is Murder."


    If you like Espresso, you probably love the feeling of every molecule in your body vibrating. I bet you also know how to have a little fun. "Boy Oh Boy"...that caffeine rush is hits the sweet spot on the first sip. We bet this upbeat electronic song hits the spot.


    You, dear Cappuccino drinker, enjoy the finer things in life. You're tired of the pop stars and just want to get back to the days when there were real artists, like The Beatles. The simplicity of this personal and intimate song. "Julia" is often forgotten by many fans, but not you, dear Cappuccino drinker. You know greatness when you hear it.


    Okay Macchiato drinker, you're kind of a bad-ass. You don't let anyone tell you what to do, which is why this song is for you. Like the amazing ladies of Sleater-Kinney, you are kind of an icon, especially with a Macchiato in hand.


    Well tea drinker, you may have outsmarted us all. You knew all along how bad coffee was. You're a fan of folk music, and this song from The Avett Brothers might be perfect. It personifies love and hate as people in a complex relationship. It's such a beautiful and gentles song.

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