Wrabel Opens His Heart Up to the World on 'We Could Be Beautiful'
    • MONDAY, MAY 15, 2017

    • Posted by: Larisha Paul

    Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Wrabel, best known for his 2014 track "Ten Feet Tall" with producer Afrojack, took summer 2016 by storm with his first massive single "11 Blocks," which has accumulated over 17 million plays on Spotify in the year that it has been out. The summer hit now appears as the first track on Wrabel's new EP titled We Could Be Beautiful and introduces us to what appears to be the pop artist's diary in the form of 5 fantastic pop songs.

    Wrabel takes us on a journey through struggling with the familiarity and proximity of an ex with "11 blocks," but does not dwell on the past for too long as he moves onto pleading for a chance at love in title track and definite summer banger, "We Could Be Beautiful." He depicts the meaning behind this song in a photo posted to Twitter of a small sketch showing two stick figures holding hands, which gives the impression that Wrabel's search for love is over; however, this dream is taken away quickly as the next track comes into play. Depicted by another set of stick figures in which one is offering his broken and bleeding heart to the other, "Bloodstain" takes us through the realms of Wrabel's failed relationships. But, not to worry, he assures us that he isn't giving up just yet, as he sings, "I would rather love and bleed than never feel love at all," before delving into one of the most intriguing chorus' on the EP.

    The stripped down version of his 2016 collaboration with Marshmello, "Ritual," shows a promising change in his choice of partners to ones who pick up the pieces of his broken stick figure heart, rather than breaking it even further. Wrabel finishes the EP off with an acoustic track that bears a stark contrast to the overall tone of the rest of the EP. "Poetry" is the kind of song you come up with when you want to celebrate being in love in the simplest of ways, and fits perfectly in a scene of the two stick figure lovers holding hands as they disappear into the sunset.

    Still riding the high of this release, Wrabel hasn't mentioned the arrival of a full-length album anytime soon. Hopefully this doesn't take too long - we're dying to know the fate and future of the figures.

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