NOW PLAYING: An Extra Special Writer's Block with Clean Bandit and Anne-Marie
    • MONDAY, MAY 15, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    The amazing Clean Bandit and Anne-Marie recently teamed up for their hit single, "Rockabye," a song about a child in need of love, with a beat that will make you want to dance and lyrics that will make you want to cry. An extraordinary collaboration such as this called for an extra special session. We headed out to Atlantic Records in New York to pair these two incredible artists together for possibly one of the rarest sessions we've done yet.

    British trio Clean Bandit has those songs that everyone has heard before. You can't go anywhere without hearing them - in fact, their song "Rather Be" (featuring Jess Glynne, who we also interviewed) is the most Shazammed song of all time. And you know what? We're not surprised, because it really is one of those inescapable songs that subconsciously crawls into your mind and stays there forever. "Rockabye" seemed like a continuation of that, and so when we asked two thirds of the group, Jack Patterson and Luke Patterson, about the secret behind making hits, they responded modestly, "some sweet chords and a universal message." For a group that creates such monstrous hits, they sure are humble.

    After Clean Bandit, we spoke with singer Anne-Marie. She only has a few singles out, but she's another artist whose music you've heard everywhere. "Alarm" and "Ciao Adios" are both songs about the same man who cheated on her and made her realize her self-worth. In the end, she comes up strong because she's an independent boss lady who doesn't need to rely on a man...Which is fact, because she is one of Spotify's biggest breakout artists. "Alarm" is platinum-certified, and she was the most nominated artist at The BRITS, with nothing but an EP to her name. "That feels pretty good now that you're saying it...I feel pretty good about that," the singer said with an uncontrollable smirk on her face, genuinely looking like she hadn't realized it until we verbalized it. The Britpop singer has a few more solo singles coming out before the release of her debut album later this year.

    "That version was a bit different from the original which is always nice...It never gets boring for me - singing it - because it's such a meaningful message. I love singing it...Luckily. Or else that'd be pretty rubbish," Anne-Marie joked about their performance of "Rockabye." "We hadn't actually performed the song as a whole with Anne-Marie until way after we finished the music video, so it's really nice to come full circle in a relaxed studio environment with her in this way," Clean Bandit said of the collaboration. So sit back, relax, and get ready to experience the moment when Clean Bandit and Anne-Marie first performed "Rockabye" together in this unique session.

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