The Eiffels Fire An Electric Synthpop Opening Salvo
    • FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Every facet of modern music is crowded. The second that any sound or subniche genre starts to have radio success or break into the mainstream, it's co-opted by a million bands trying to cash in on that success. And there are few scenes in indie more crowded than synthpop. Between the breakout stardom of Chvrches and the long-lived success of acts like Phoenix and Passion Pit, every band wants a piece of that pie. L.A. pop-rockers The Eiffels are one of the few bands out there hungry enough and talented enough to make their own stamp in this crowded market.

    We're premiering their four-track, self-titled EP, and this is the sort of opening salvo that any band would dream of. With feet firmly planted in electro-pop hooks that have stadium ready written in their DNA, The Eiffels also have just enough rock sensibility to acquire an edge. It's music that makes you want to dance but also bang your head ever so subtly as you sit in your office chair on a Friday morning eagerly awaiting the end of your shift and the weekend that comes ahead of you. The track whose video we premiered last month, "More," is my favorite off the EP, and while the Phoenix comparisons still stand, the whole record (but "More" specifically) show a band that has enough New Order in their veins to bring a little subversion to a genre that's getting a little too glossy lately.

    Listen to the EP below and get excited for the imminent explosion in recognition for L.A.'s The Eiffels.

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