Premiere:  YONDERBOI Haunting Black and White Beauty
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 2013

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Patience - extreme patience, that is - is probably the best way to describe "Come On Progeny". The "newest" composition from Hungarian composer, music producer, and visual artist YONDERBOI (real name: Laszlo Fogarasi Jr.) dates back to as early as 2000. Having been picked up, tinkered with, and put back on the shelf a number of occasions over the years, it would take gorgeous contributions from vocalist Charlotte Brandi to finally ready the track for its close up...some 12 years later.

    The video, which we're premiering, is a haunting, black and white beauty, etching what are initially helpless images across the screen. But the story at the heart of the song is a fantastical one, as a boy, instead of plummeting to the ground, shoots straight for the sun when he jumps out of the window.

    "Come On Progeny" is from YONDERBOI's album Passive Control.

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