Laura Marling and Eddie Berman Dance In The Dark
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Covering a Bruce Springsteen classic requires a certain level of bravado. He did it right the first time, so it can easily be passed off as a fruitless effort. Think of it this way: Manfred Mann reworked "Blinded By The Light" to a point that it became unrecognizable from The Boss's original (and rumor has it, it kinda pissed The Boss off). But every so often, a simple cover can and will do the trick. The Lab TV recently brought together the voices of Laura Marling and Eddie Berman for a beautiful acoustic duet of "Dancing In The Dark". Although they're missing a dancing Courtney Cox, they make up for it with the addition of a gentle folk fiddle's glide.

    A few years back, Laura Marling brought her cooling croon down to Baeble HQ, during one of our throwback Guest Apartment Sessions. Watch it below.

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