blonde redhead rocks hudson river (rocks)
    • THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2008

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    Take note if you're tired of watching the Blonde Redhead concert at McCarren Park on the video features, and you have no money,you should check out Hudson River Rocks, a series of free concerts on Pier 54 in Manhattan. The schedule isn't set yet, but according to the few dates that have been released, Blonde Redhead plays on August 14th. Keep an eye on the site for the full calendar come June. Or if you're not an NYC native, check out BR's other tour dates.

    P.S. They may or may not mostly be in Italy.- joe puglisi

    Blonde Redhead on Tour
    6/28/08 - Southern Comfort Music Expo - Denver, CO
    7/19/08 - Corte dell'abbazia - Sesto al Reghena, Pordenone
    7/24/08 - Sagrato della Chiesa - Verucchio
    7/25/08 - Soundlabs Festival - Roseto Degli Abruzzo
    8/2/08 - Storas Festival - Tondheim
    8/14/08 - Pier 54/Hudson River Rocks - New York, NY


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