Stream: Azealia Banks
    • MONDAY, MAY 14, 2012

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    All apologies to any of the other female M.C.'s in the game right now (with the exception of the women of THEESatisfactions), none of you have a damn thing on Harlem bomb-dropper Azealia Banks. She exploded on the scene with the fierce and in-your-face "212," and every single since then has had us begging for a proper full-length release. Considering she's delayed the album more times than Duke Nukem Forever, it's ok if you wonder if it's ever going to get released. Well, we've got a new single off her upcoming mixtape, Fantastic, called "Jumanji" that just bowled us over again.

    This is the best production for a Banks track yet. Incorporating electronic elements that seem like they're dissolving around Banks's militaristic flow, a regular Carribean xylophone interlude, and a truly unpredictable percussive structure, "Jumanji" has you on your toes during every listen because you still don't really know where Banks and her producers are going to take it next. It doesn't hurt that this is also Banks's most propulsive rhyming yet, and while it features her patented filthy mouth, it doesn't have any of the blog-baiting shock moments of "212" for anyone to accuse her of being all flash and no substance. I might still prefer "212" but honestly, Fantastic can't arrive soon enough.

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