Album Review: Mrs. Magician
    • MONDAY, MAY 14, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    At first glance, Mrs. Magician hits like an anachronistic surfing android, like the experiment of a robot Brian Wilson digging up clams and cracking hooks like crests crashing into the shore, a little rusty and rough around the edges, but brilliant at the core. And after repeated listens, it turns out it's pretty accurate for a first impression. Where is this beach, and how can we live there forever? The songs are undeniably kinetic, frothing with the undercurrent of simple, yet unassuming lyrics with bits of weird tossed in ("crooked as a question mark" mixed with the simple chant "I've got something on my mind," for an early example). It's mindless in the way that zombies are mindless-- it's interested in your brain, persistent, and more often than not, it winds up winning by sheer numbers (every song has something to love). With a barrage of curious lyricism, catchy choruses, and zany riffs, the band has just the right amount of dirty to keep it sounding professional. The band hits the perfect blend of out-of-time progressivism and nostalgic imperfection to appeal to our generation's obsession with the past through the lens of the future.

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