t.g.i. mixtape 59
    • FRIDAY, MAY 14, 2010

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    This week features songs from everyone (except Ke$ha), including the first single from my rap group. I am obviously kidding, we've had many singles, we're already triple platinum in the Ukraine. But it does include some of the weeks best albums, The Black Keys and The National. It includes some SPANKIN' NEW music too, that is totally SFW, and especially suitable for your ears.

    I'm off to the beer gardens of Astoria, where you can find me engrossed in sunshine, fried cheese and Staropramen, humming the majority of High Violet. Later, nerds! -joe

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    1. "The Other Side (ft. Cee-Lo and B.o.B.)" - Bruno Mars - It's Better If You Don't Understand EP
    This one comes straight from the top of Baeble: Two great talents guest vocalizing? Check. Catchy song? Check. Mixtape fodder? Yup! Great hustle, everyone!

    2. "Faded High" - Gayngs - Relayted
    The (don't call it a) supergroup of Minnesota indie folk writes a CRAZY song that goes on for a long time and features a few recognizable voices weaving in and out of each other, including cabin-fever himself (that's my nickname for Bon Iver).

    3. "Die By The Drop" - The Dead Weather - Sea Of Cowards
    It's physically impossible to describe anything these guys do without smashing things with a hammer, shooting lightning out of your fingers, or moshing REALLY HARD. If music could kick you in the face, this sh*t would decapitate you without hesitation.

    4. "Snowflake" - Malachai - Ugly Side Of Love
    When a gem from earlier in the year pops up on your iTunes, and you hear it and remember how awesome it is, you put it on the mixtape, and people love it, QED.

    5. "Terrible Love" - The National - High Violet
    The National are here to haunt your dreams, nightmares, day dreams, and occasionally, your consciousness. The duality of their soothing/nail biting tunes reaches an interesting apex on this track, where the drums really add a level of panic and intrigue that the initial melody does not suggest (but it's bubbling). It's all a good metaphor for how I feel/felt about The National.

    6. "Revolving Door" - Alexander Foote
    Got this from a friend, and for once I thought it A)Didn't suck, and B)was super appropriate to include on the tape. Best new totally unknown find of the week. If Elliot Smith got to have Beirut make arrangements for him, here is the glorious result.

    7. "Crown On The Ground" - Sleigh Bells - Treats
    Yeah, whatever. Treats is out now. Form your own opinion.

    8. "Cloudy Shoes" - Damien Jurado - Saint Bartlett
    "It's funny how we all can change if we just try to." Damien Jurado has always had a knack for making simple lines of lyric leap off the page/out of the mix in big ways. That's the line that does it for me on this, his "sweeping album opener with gentle handclaps and call-and-response vocals awash in a retrol sound" (some wise PR peeps said that). Saint Bartlett is out May 25th via Secretly Canadian

    9. "Johnny Utah" - Futurebirds - Hampton's Lullabye
    What starts casually cruising upon some Far East sounds somehow easily fits into the big slice of cosmic cowboy pop this Athens GA based band does so well. "Johnny Utah" is the first tune to surface from their debut release Hampton's Lullaby, which will introduced to the world on July 13th via Autumn Tone Records.

    10. "Babelonia" - School of Seven Bells - Disconnect From Desire
    A sure fire, summer listen if ever there was one, School of Seven Bells' forthcoming sophomore album Disconnect From Desire is a gigantic expansion of the already heady, luscious sound the band achieved with their debut. "Babelonia" is that album's lead track, and will be released to the public at large July 13th via Vagrant.

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