mp3: pains of being pure at heart remix
    • FRIDAY, MAY 14, 2010

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    Check out this old school POBPAH remix from the Higher Than The Stars EP, one of my favorite remixes of a song I already immensely enjoy. It's Friday, and today's MP3 should be a dance-worthy rev-up FOR DA CLUB. Although this remix is a little more melow than, say, the Kele "I'm on crack" tracks from earlier, this is a great one to warm up to, and a great re-thinking of the POBPAH eyes-on-the-shoes aesthetic.

    I know we've been drum-lining Pains today, but a friend reminded me of how much I dig this old track. Their 7", as we mentioned, is out there on Slumberland. -joe

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    MP3: "Higher Than The Stars" (Higher Than The Stars EP)
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