kele releases two new tracks
    • FRIDAY, MAY 14, 2010

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    Hear some new stuff from The Boxer, Kele Okerek's forthcoming solo album and side project/time off from his band Bloc Party. "RISE" and "Walk Tall" after the jump, gladiators!

    Kele is doing well with his take on industrial electro-rock so far, with "Tenderoni" (apart from a goofy Kids Cuisine name) being a mainly fun filled affair. The new songs, however, are literally mind-meltingly banging, especially by the end. Give "RISE" a chance to warm up, because it literally spontaneously combusts halfway through the third minute.


    "Walk Tall":

    The Boxer is out in the US June 22nd. Stay tuned, radio dials! -joe

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