Pattern Is Movement All Together
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 2008

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    Brooklyn is branching out. That much is apparent. I mean, it used to be the place…like, Brooklyn was the place mere minutes ago. But “poof!” The borough’s influence, it’s experimental bout with rock’s possibilities, it’s clan of bands hocking sounds that are decidedly the product of their time and place…it seems what is probably the most romanticized musical community of the last 15 years is beginning to land punches in places as far off as…well, a whopping 90 miles south, for one. That’s the conclusion Philadelphia’s Pattern is Movement ushers listeners to with their recently released debut, All Together (Hometapes).

    Rolling a rather robust “wow” factor up within the confines of its’ ten crafty tunes, All Together brings with it a much needed sense of mystery, originality, and art…something the current crop of two man bands generally tend to avoid in favor of rocking the hell out. Cabaret cuts of violin, punch drunk clumps of busted piano, spooked out vocals that glide their way to unexpected places, chop shop rhythms that somehow keep the engine running; Pattern is Movement should be in over their heads. But theirs’ is a sure handed, Herculean effort. File All Together next to equally inquisitive releases from Dirty Projectors and Grizzly Bear.

    Just don’t confuse these Philly dignitaries as carbon copies of their Kings County competition. Sure, perception is bent, twisted, shattered, and flipped on its’ head. But this here funhouse is a little less complex, and a bit more playful to boot, making the trip certainly kind of freaky, but entirely enjoyable the entire play through – David Pitz

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