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    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 2008

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    Brooklyn shoegaze popsters Dirty on Purpose have popped up here and there, on TV and at some of our more favorite festivals (SXSW and CMJ to name a few). And now their new EP, Dead Volcanoes(RCRD LBL), is available in digital form only. The catch? It's only available for free.

    RCRD LBL is an interesting site, hosting a network of onine record labels and blogs, with completely free music from a variety of acts. If you're ever bored, scroll through the catalogue and see what goodies you can dig up. Everything tastes better when it's free.

    Start your meal with the Dead Volcanoes EP. You can find links to the downloads below. And check out the band when they come to town.

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    Link to MP3s: Dirty on Purpose Dead Volcanoes EP
    Dirty on Purpose on MySpace

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