In Our Ears: Songs We Loved This Week
    • FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2016

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    It goes without saying that we listen to A LOT of music over the course of the work week. In Our Ears is our weekly round-up of what we couldn't stop spinning, packaged up in one nifty Spotify playlist that you can take with you into the weekend.

    Mumford and Sons with Baaba Maal and The Very Best - "There Will Be Time"
    It's an emotional exploration of the sounds of our collective soul.

    Dorothy - "After Midnight"
    Dorothy is a force to be reckoned with in the contemporary rock genre and she sounds exactly like the smoking hot bad ass woman that she is. With one anthemic, high flying track after the other, "After Midnight" is a reminder that rock and roll is alive and well.

    CHVRCHES - "Warning Call"
    Pretty sure CHVRCHES are incapable of writing a bad song. They released this one yesterday afternoon and we've probably listened to it 10 times. Don't know what it is...the vibe, the vocal melodies all hit the sweet spot.

    James Blake - "My Willing Heart"
    What happens when you get two incredible artists and have them write a song together? This fire track, co-written by Frank Ocean. Tinged with subtle James Bond vibes, it's basically everything we've ever wanted.

    Flume - Say It - Featuring Tove Lo
    We appreciate any song where Tove Lo gets to strut her stuff.

    Carole Smith - Child of Moving on
    A stunningly soulful track with classic blues influences, Carole Smith croons with a melodic acuity far beyond her years.

    Violents - "Absentee (featuring Jeremy Larson and Stacy King)"
    There is nothing Stacy King can't do, especially in terms of infectious hooks, and this rhythmically pounding track serves as the perfect platform for her unmistakable vocals.

    Wolfie's Just Fine - "Todd and Janelle"
    This song is so great. For one, this is Taco (comedian Jon Lajoie) from The League...which is kind of unexpected. And I can seriously relate with this. Not in a literal sense, mind you (that would be kind of messed up). But it wrestles with being in your 30s, having kids, not feeling that old yet, and sometimes not feeling that into it.

    Moon Taxi - "Year Zero - Live"
    This is just epic and infectious.

    Drake - "Feel No Ways"
    We're not ashamed to say we've listened to this song five times a day ever since Views came out. Guys... It's so catchy. C'mon.

    Caveman - "80 West"
    It's Caveman week here at Baeble (check out the session we released yesterday) and this spacey, road-ready song has been spinning on our buds all week. This sounds like Tom Petty riding a rocket, and we dig the unexpected vocal turns. The bands new album Otero War. is going to be really freakin' good.

    Aurora - "I Went Too Far"
    Our favorite kind of songs are the ones with sad lyrics that sonically sound happy, and this song is just that. Aurora is singing about unrequited love while a totally danceable drum beat is being played. It's like the best of both worlds - what more could you want?

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