Haven't Listened to Chance 3 Yet? Here's What to Expect, and What Not to
    • FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2016

    • Posted by: Jacob Swindell-Sakoor

    Friday the 13th has never had this much hype around it. That is of course if you're a part of the internet generation that has embraced Chancelor Bennett as the future of hip-hop. Since Chance The Rapper's second mixtape album Acid Rap was released a little over three years ago in April of 2013, Chance has become one of the most recognizable faces for a new generation of Hip-Hop listeners.

    As an independent artist he's been able to do things most music artists, (especially Indie acts), can only dream of accomplishing. In the past 12 months Chance has been able to strike a deal with major streaming services (Apple Music, Spotify, and yes even Tidal) to distribute his music for free, stole the show on an otherwise lackluster Kanye West album (Pablo was not the "God dream" Kanye intended sorry folks), and he's also set to be the Festival Stage headliner for Hot 97's coveted SummerJam Festival.

    Since Acid Rap, the only full project we've received (kinda) from Chance was Surf. However, as most of you know this was a Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment project and not the anticipated solo Chance project. If we use this project to benchmark Chance's readiness to execute an album that can live up to the grand expectations set out before him, let's remember that with Surf we saw Chance play the role of executive producer on an ambitious undertaking. After Surf, Chance has released two excellent singles ("Angels and "Somewhere In Paradise") as well as featured with impressive verses on other artists' songs (e.g. Justin Bieber's "Confident" and Kehlani's "The Way").

    Now that we're done with the Chance The Rapper recap, let's discuss what to expect from today's release of Chance 3:

    There will be plenty of soul: On Chance 3, there's no questioning that the free album will have an abundant amount of soul on it. Whether backed by Chance's latest affection towards Gospel inspired tracks such as "Angels" or his most recent song "Blessings," which premiered on The Tonight Show, Chance has an incessant need to keep his music genuine.

    The production will be stellar: The production on 10 Day was good, but both Acid Rap and Surf have some of the best hip-hop arrangements we've seen in the past few years. From "Paranoia" to "Sunday Candy," it's clear that Mr Bennett knows how to pick a great beat.

    The features will deliver: Let's be honest with ourselves... When has a feature not killed it on a Chance track? On 10 Day, Lili K (a frequent Chance collaborator) was first introduced to most of our iPods as a heartfelt singer, on Acid Rap we witnessed Vic Mensa and Twista both spit better verses than Chance with lines such as "Jesus got me feelin' like Colin Powell, all praise to the God, God knows he's a pro like COINTEL," and "I could still break your body down to five pieces like I did Voltron," and on Surf Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment put both J Cole and Chance on a track. 'Nuff said.

    Chance will display an evolved style: From his rhyme schemes, to his punchlines, to his overall flow, Chance is a master of being himself. We've seen glimpses of how he's grown as a rapper, but we of course won't know if this is enough to carry another project until Chance 3 is released. If you need further proof to show that Chance has grown as rapper, listen to two of his most intricate verses since Acid Rap on his 2015 single "Somewhere In Paradise".

    And as promised, here's what not to expect:

    It won't be as good as Acid Rap: Ok everybody... Close your eyes and take three deep breathes to calm yourselves down. I promise that I have a valid point. Chance 3 will most likely be an excellent project that lives up to the hype and then some. However, it won't be "as good" as Acid Rap because Chance is now a well known name instead of an up and coming rapper out of West Chatham. We all know that while listening to Chance 3 we'll most likely be subconsciously comparing it to Acid Rap. There won't be another "Pusha Man" or "Smoke Again" because Chance has already given us those classic moments that are better left off in the realm of Nostalgia (the real Chance fans will get that little joke).

    It won't sound like what's hot right now: Just in case Chance's performance of "Blessings" on The Tonight Show wasn't a clear indicator, this album will be sonically different from most popular contemporary hip-hop. Although I love some Young Metro drops and flows from down south, we most likely won't find any of that on Chance 3 (even though it would probably be awesome). Chance is an experimenter and on Chance 3, expect an abundant amount of sonic influences. Monte Booker, a producer from Chicago summed up Chance's post Acid Rap influence best by saying: "Chance opened the door for everyone in Chicago that wasn't making drill music."

    Need to get a Lil Chano from 79th fix before listening to Chance 3? Listen to a mix of all of Chance's guest verses since Acid Rap which is properly titled Chance 2.5.

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