new music video: kesha
    • THURSDAY, MAY 13, 2010

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    The first line is about needing rehab, and at one point she calls herself a crack-head, so maybe she is learning? Wait, no she isn't. Neon body paint. Drug cartoons. At one point she is wearing what looks like a fishing net from the 1800s. "Your Love Is My Drug" after the jump, as long as you haven't had lunch yet.

    So Pig Pen's mom just put another another heart stopping video. Literally, I tried to stop my heart. I hate this. In other news, Pig Pen has a hard time explaining to teachers why his mom has been buying him Tennessee Rye flavored Crest and depriving him of sleep.

    [Ed. Note: Upon closer inspection, her spray-on tan artist should get the summer off, permanently. Her legs are two different colors. Thanks for the tip, Hanna!]

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