arcade fire presents: the suburbs (maybe)
    • THURSDAY, MAY 13, 2010

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    An intrepid Arcade Fire fan caught a curious banner on their website redesign... a few people got the scoop before it was stripped. It read "Arcade Fire Presents: "The Suburbs". Let's speculate!

    As King Pitchfork and others have observed, this could be referencing a number of things. It could be the title of their next album, rumored for a 2010 release. It could be referring to the movie they are working on with Spike Jonze. They could just be messin' around! You know those Arcade Fires. Always be joking.*

    Their summer tour, as the King notes, means we will be hearing about this soon enough. -joe

    *SARCASM. Win Butler does not have a sense of humor, maybe.

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