Katy Perry is an Objectified Piece of Meat in New Video 'Bon Appetit'
    • FRIDAY, MAY 12, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Katy Perry has been known to make some pretty quirky million dollar budget videos, but her latest visual for "Bon Appetit" has reached a whole new level of weird. It starts out in what looks like a doctor's office, where Perry is laying in a beige outfit that looks like something from the Yeezy line, patiently waiting to "have surgery." Said surgery is actually being kneaded like dough - yes, her skin actually turns into dough as chefs, uh, feel her up. The smile on her face wants us to believe that she enjoys it but really, she's looking like a piece of meat.

    We see her go through several different scenes - she's posed as different food items in each one - and then of course, Migos come out of nowhere for their verse, looking all nonchalant. How much do you think they were paid for this?

    If Katy wanted to make a big statement about how women are so often objectified in the industry, couldn't she do it in a less gross way? Couldn't she look pretty while doing it instead of making me vom? I like to know that whenever I watch a Katy Kat video, I'm getting the good stuff - whipped cream boobies and those fabulous jeans she wore in the "Teenage Dream" video. Okay, I know that all contradicts the whole "objectifying women" point. I'm just making a joke.

    No but seriously, bring back the dancing ginger bread men 'cause this shit is repulsive.

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