5 Biggest Mama's Boys in Music
    • FRIDAY, MAY 12, 2017

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    Mothers' Day is just around the corner, so that means the next 48 hours will consist of flustered sons and daughters rushing to the nearest Walgreens to clean out the shelves for any last-minute gifts for their mothers. No matter how many people deny it, no one is too cool to hang out with his or her mom, and definitely don't look to your hard-living, rock n' roll idols as justification for not even giving your ma a phone call. There are plenty of musicians who are proud, self-proclaimed Mama's Boys, and in honor of moms everywhere, here are a few famous examples of musicians who adore their moms. Kids, consider these guys the bar to hit in terms of showing a proper amount of affection to the women who gave you life.

    Mac Demarco

    Everyone's favorite hipster bum has become known and adored for his brand of chill indie rock, but he's also become known for bringing his mom with him literally everywhere he goes. They do interviews together (she sometimes does them on her own), they tour together, and she even runs her son's fan club. It's honestly adorable to watch the banter between these two, and it's safe to say they might be the most adorable mom/son duo in rock music.


    Afeni Shakur is a fascinating figure in her own right, even if her son didn't happen to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. An assertive political activist, Shakur was a prominent leader of the Black Panthers' Harlem Chapter, and she was even on trial as part of the famous Panther 21 court case. As if she couldn't be more badass, Shakur decided to represent herself in court, in the face of a 300 year prison sentence, and managed to get herself acquitted of all charges. Oh, and she was pregnant with Pac during the whole 8-month long trial, giving birth to him a month after the acquittal. With a role model like that, it's no wonder Tupac grew up to be the assertive, no-bullshit artist we all knew and loved. Much respect indeed, Mrs. Shakur.


    Usher famously gets a lot of flack for his tight-knit relationship with his mama, Jonetta Patton, since she's been apart of his musical career basically ever since he could talk. She ushered her son (sorry not sorry, #Usherpuns) to sing at talent shows when he was 12, eventually leading to his first record deal at 13, and she was even his manager up until 2007. In a classic mom move, she also skipped out on her son's first wedding because of her adamant disapproval of the bride. Apparently no girl will ever be good enough for her little boy/megastar.

    Kanye West

    Donda West played an instrumental role in her son Kanye's life, and Kanye has spent a good portion of his career and resources to make sure the rest of the world understands that. There are songs like "Hey Mama" and "Only One," which were written directly for his mom. Then there are the many breakdowns West has gone through since her sudden passing in 2007, which often leads to long periods off the grid (including now, apparently). Most interesting of all, Yeezy's apparently funding a video game about her ascension into Heaven, prompting everyone else in the world to wonder how much they need to step it up next Mothers' Day.

    Elvis Presley

    Though he could have the love of any girl in his heyday, there was no woman more important in Elvis' life than his mama, Gladys Love Presley. After all, the 18 year-old Presley walked into Sun Studios and recorded his very first song, "My Happiness," as a birthday present for his mom. His career literally began because of the love for his mother; the ultimate mama's boy, arguably. Throughout his meteoric rise in the 50s, Elvis called his mom every night while he was on tour, and sometimes even brought her along for shows. He made sure she never had to live in poverty again, giving her property within Graceland, and when she died in 1958, Elvis sent a fresh bouquet of flowers to her grave every week until his own death in 1977.

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