10 Artists You'll Love If You're A Haim Fan
    • FRIDAY, MAY 12, 2017

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    Earlier this week, modern-day rock queens Haim shared the artwork for upcoming album Something to Tell You, adding another level to the massive mountain of hype surrounding one of the most highly-anticipated albums of the year. They've also just released the studio version of "Right Now" which you can listen to below. With their various teaser videos, a live music video, two official singles, and now the artwork, the band seems eager to make up for their long time away without new music, and fans couldn't be any more excited. The album's July 7 release date might make for the longest two months ever, but believe it or not, Haim isn't the only solid band out there. There are plenty of other acts that have a similar blend of vintage rock, R&B, and catchy pop hooks, from well-respected legends to young newcomers already leaving a mark. As we wait for the new record, here are 10 artists that are definitely up Haim fans' alley.

    1. Fleetwood Mac

    This one's a clear no-brainer, even if the band is a little uncomfortable with the comparison. The fact that songs like "The Wire" and "If I Could Change Your Mind" can seamlessly transition into "Don't Stop" and "Rhiannon" despite the nearly 40-year age gap speaks to the timelessness of the Mac's music more than anything else. They wrote the book on how to write quick and catchy classic rock, and the Haim sisters have clearly taken some good notes.

    2. St. Vincent

    Considering Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, is likely from another planet that's home to an artistically superior race, it's hard to find direct comparisons to her cosmic art-rock style. She's arguably slightly trippier than Haim, but at their respective cores, both bands know how to craft unforgettable hooks packaged with an eclectic sound that's all their own.

    3. Warpaint

    It's a female vocal-driven rock band that blends indie rock and R&B and knows how to write some damn catchy melodies. Sound familiar? Plus, the band just recently put out their self-titled record, so now's the perfect time to get to know Warpaint as they continue their steady rise to rock glory.

    4. Bleached

    If you're a Haim fan and have ever thought, "Man, I love this band, but I sometimes wish they used more overdrive and made my speakers explode," then you're probably going to love this high-octane trio. With as much vintage pop and surf rock as there is 90s punk in their sound, Bleached find a happy medium between old and new genres that results in music you'll want to play on repeat for hours.

    5. Public Access T.V.

    I originally was going to put the Strokes in this slot, but then a realization occurred: Every band after 2001 sounds like the Strokes. It's about time we give the spotlight to someone else writing vintage rock riffs in the modern age, and this NYC-based band is doing just that with unmatched skill. If you like Haim the most when their rock influences are showing, then definitely add Public Access T.V. to your playlists.

    6. Mainland

    Another band writing solid earworms that are on the cusp of being YUGE, so there's no better time to get on board the hype train. Though originally from NYC, Mainland are currently recording in LA to soak up the same West Coast rock sound that make bands like Haim so distinct, and their debut full-length LP is due very soon. Plus, we were lucky enough to have them stop by for an exclusive Baeble NEXT session (above) last summer, so if and when they hit the big-time, you heard it from us first.

    7. Perfume Genius

    While they're first and foremost a rock band, Haim have stood out from the crowd by blending in hints of modern R&B and Hip-Hop into their sound, placing them in the prestigious group of artists who can effortlessly transcend genres. Mike Hadreas of Perfume Genius is another recent example of such an artist, as his new album No Shape is a perfect combination of pop, glam rock, and bass-heavy soul. Check him out if you want the dramatics of an opera packed into radio-ready pop tunes.

    8. Bleachers

    As both the guitarist for Fun. and the frontman of Bleachers, Jack Antonoff knows how to write a damn good pop-rock tune. If anything, you probably adore Bleachers already if you like Haim, but he's still worth mentioning for anyone who missed the boat.

    9. Blondie

    These new wave legends have been around for a while now, but they're still rocking out like it's 1977, and they even put out a brand-new album last week. Haim may not list Blondie as a direct reference, but anyone who writes upbeat, bouncy pop-rock songs have taken at least a few cues from the NYC hitmakers. Plus, and complete side-note, but Debbie Harry is officially the world's coolest grandma.

    10. Kimbra

    It's a shame that most people only know the New Zealand artist from her paint-covered duet with Gotye on "Somebody That I Used to Know" (a great song, nonetheless), because she's got a whole catalog of intriguing pop music to dig into. She's basically writing the same high-energy anthems as Haim, but with a lot more major-seven chords, so give Kimbra a shot if you're feeling jazzy.

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