6 Unique Festivals Worth Traveling to in 2016
    • THURSDAY, MAY 12, 2016

    • Posted by: Evan Jake Goldstein

    Every year, there are thousands of music festivals that occur all over the world, every one wonderful and special in their own way. We at Baeble Music picked out a few of the most unique ones. The ones so exciting and tantalizing, that we're tempted to take time off of work, spend exorbitant amounts of money, call the babysitter, break out the 'ol pin hat, drop everything and just go!

    Riot Fest
    Occurring in Denver and Chicago, Riot Fest is the ultimate rock 'n roll festival. Though it's a punk festival at its core, acts include the best bands in metal, alt, ska, hip-hop and everything in between. Though this year's full lineup hasn't been announced yet, it has been revealed that the original Misfits will be reuniting for the first time is over 30 years! Take a look at last year's fest (which I had the pleasure of attending) and get an idea of what one can expect from Riot Fest!


    For some, 4 sets of Phish and two days of Ween may sound like complete and utter torture, but Lockn' festival is the place where jam music in its purest form is allowed to flourish. Located in the Virginia mountains, this Pete Shapiro (owner of Relix magazine) curated festival is the place to find once in a lifetime cross-band jams and their most hardcore followers. I can promise you'll hear a lot of discussions like, "Did you see their second set? It was sooo tight!" Plus, throw in the never disappointing My Morning Jacket and one can't help being interested!

    lockn festival

    Primavera Sound
    Primavera Sound has figured out the formula for a perfectly balanced festival by booking major headliners, unique acts, and diverse venues. The 2016 lineup touts major headliners, Radiohead, a recently reunited LCD Soundsystem, Sigur Ros, the somewhat elusive PJ Harvey, and Tame Impala. It also host to one of the few performances of the newly reformed Avalanches, Brian Wilson performing Pet Sounds, and John Carpenter performing his most legendary film scores with a full orchestra. I don't blame you if you feel like packing your bags and booking a flight to beautiful Barcelona.

    primavera sound

    Desert Trip
    The festival that has (rightfully) earned the nickname 'Oldchella' has a lineup of nothing but rock gods and no filler. Looking more like a lineup from 1985, it features The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Roger Waters, and The Who. While I have my doubts and concerns about the whole thing, it's obviously a once in a lifetime event that will thrill the likes of any classic rock aficionado.

    desert trip

    Outside Lands
    Okay, take a stacked lineup (Radiohead, LCD Soundsystem, Lionel Richie), put it in an fantastic city (San Francisco) and a beautiful park (Golden Gate Park). Now add the best food, wine, art and comedy the Golden State has to offer, and you get Outside Lands! And if that isn't enough, one of the biggest "fictional" bands in history, Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem are making an appearance! Get hyped and watch the promotional video below.

    outside lands

    The world's biggest festival is at it again with the most diverse lineup I've seen to date. I honestly can't tell the main headliners from the rest of the acts, (Adele, Muse, LCD Soundsystem, Jeff Lynne's ELO, Sigur Ros, and Earth Wind and Fire to name a few). The over 45 year old festival is one of the largest yet best organized in the world, with tons of amenities like a full circus and theatrical performances. You should know that all the proceeds from the festival will go to charity, and nothing goes together like music and philanthropy!

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