5 Governors's Ball Artists You Probably Don't Know, but Should
    • THURSDAY, MAY 12, 2016

    • Posted by: Jacob Swindell-Sakoor

    What initially began as an accidental find from OutKast's Big Boi, has turned into a full-on passion project of electronic indie pop meets southern alternative hip-hop. If you're fan of either genre, you've surely heard of Phantogram or Big Boi. The electronic duo released a self-titled EP in 2015 and have been known to mash up "Ms. Jackson" with "Mouthful of Diamonds". Sounds pretty worth it to me. Essential Big Grams listening:

    An experimental electronic duo from Canada, comprised of Megan James on vocals and Corin Roddick as the producer/instrumentalist. Recently, the duo has tweaked their sound to be more mainstream, especially on their most recent album Another Eternity. Purity Ring is known for having awesome stage lighting so if you don't enjoy electronic music with airy vocals there's always the light show. Essential Purity Ring listening:

    Last year was Vince Staples' breakout year. He successfully transitioned from close friend of Earl Sweatshirt and Mac Miller to becoming his own artist, releasing one of best album's of 2015. Don't believe me? It landed on several publication's year end lists and for all the hip-hop heads reading, No I.D. produced majority of the album. 'Nuff said. Essential Vince Staples listening:

    Chances are you've heard plenty of Thundercat in the past year and didn't even know it. Stephen Bruner has been featured on tracks with Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus, Erykah Badu, and Childish Gambino. Although Thundercat has helped to conceptualize and sculpt the instrumentation on a number of huge tracks, he's also a killer bassist and vocalist to see live. If you indeed have the funk that Kendrick Lamar and Thundercat proclaimed to have on last year's defiant "King Kunta," then this is the show for you. Essential Thundercat listening:

    An alternative electronic duo (this is the last electronic duo I swear) from Philadelphia, Marian Hill is more minimal than both Big Grams and Purity Ring. Their live performances are more low-key than most of the other Gov Ball acts, but lead singer Samantha Gongol and producer Jeremy Lloyd know how to draw an audience into their ethereal soundscapes. Essential Marian Hill listening:

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