Zerbin Ready Hyperactive New Album Darling
    • TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    The Canadian rock band Zerbin seem to be having fun. Their music is massively catchy and upbeat, inspiring good vibes and dance grooves that will jolt your body into movement. With a new album Darling out June 2nd, the band is ready for some major success. The album starts strong and never really cuts back on the energy. The joy in the music is clear and so is the message. The single "Worlds On Fire" is an excellent showcase of what the band is really about. The guitar riffs drive the song as the drum beat switches tempos enough times to allow lead singer Jason Zerbin to flex his vocal chops and wax poetically about his desire, "dance in a fount of Parisian merlot with our head in the clouds." Striking and detailed imagery show the band put time in on all aspects on the album from lyrics to the instrumentation.

    We caught up with Jason to discuss the new single and their album.

    "Worlds On Fire" feels like the centerpiece behind this album. What was the inspiration and writing process behind this song?

    Jason Zerbin: "Worlds on Fire" was one of the first tracks we wrote for this record. Peter had the initial riff idea and we sat down together and started jamming on it. This narrative of lovers & the apocalypse was running through my head probably because of all the movies I had been watching at the time. We wrote it to capture the sense of blissful ignorance that lovers have. The whole world just burning down around them while they dance in a fount of Parisian merlot.

    This is an extremely fun record. What was your mindset going into it? What influenced this joyous sound?

    Music is about the capturing and translation of energy. Going into the record we wanted to make stuff we connected with and also stuff that was accessible to people. I think I bend towards writing stuff that carries a joy because life often feels like the opposite. In some ways, it's therapy. Bringing a piece of joy into the world because it seems so lacking. Trying to influence the reality we want to experience.

    A record this light sounds like it was a good time to make. Was there any challenging moments in trying to get your ideas to come out the way you wanted?

    Definite challenges. We self produce and have a clear vision of what were wanting to achieve. There's always a tension between Peter and I as we come from different angles with writing, but in the end we are better for it. We worked with a couple other mixers and an engineer and each presented its own mixed bag of pluses and struggles. I think most things worth making aren't super simple. It makes the finished product much richer.

    Some would say we need albums like this to balance out the seemingly bleak never ending news reel. Did you set out to make an album with healing power

    For me that's why I make music. There's this power to connect with people on so many levels. From the philosophical to the cellular level and everywhere in between. An idea is powerful but a melody or rhythm sometimes even more so. This world can be a bit fucked but it seems like art is this gift and tool we have to make sense of it all. To find the beauty and the meaning in the midst of the meaninglessness of life. Some artist just carry this thing that does that. That just opens people up and makes sense of things on the inside.

    Pre-order Darling here.

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