The Classic, Edgy Pop Sensibilities of RABYT
    • TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Maybe it shouldn't be a surprise since I write about music for a living, but I love pop music. One of my interns and I were having a philosophical discussion the other day about what the difference between pop and rock music is -- and why some things are pop-rock and others are just one or the other -- and it struck us as odd that the line isn't some tangible definition; it's a "know it when I hear it" difference. And so when I say I love pop music. I love the idea of pop music -- gorgeous melodies and burrowing hooks -- more than I like what constitutes much of popular American music. "God Only Knows" fits every possible definition of a pop song, and if it's not the greatest song of the 20th century, I have no clue what is.

    "Falling Stars of New York City" -- which we're premiering today -- by L.A. based singer-songwriter RABYT is a pop song in the gorgeous 60s/70s vocal sense -- the sort of sense that only Adele seems to be pulling off today -- but with a slight rock edge. The arrangements enhance the beauty and magnetism of her voice while the storytelling captures the intoxicating and mystifying cosmopolitan experience of NYC. Check out the song below and watch as I restrain myself from making jokes about seeing how far the RABYT hole of her music goes.

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