Prides Drop Higher Love EP
    • TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    Prides has been making waves lately. Following in the steps of the amazingly underrated Chvrches, the trio hails from Glasgow and makes incredibly infectious pop music. The difference is, however, a male singer whose vocals fit perfectly in union with the synthesizer. With soaring vocals and a penchant for catchy melodies, the band is poised to gain momentum with their new EP Higher Love out now. The title track is simply gorgeous. Over chilly synths that make me feel nostalgic and fresh at the same time, the band crafts a beautiful tale of love claiming that people, "say we don't know enough." From the sound of it, the band is more than ready for the limelight. The music is definitely worthy.

    We spoke to the band about their sound, influences, and touring crowds.

    Higher Love has a powerful, anthemic driven sound. Who are some of the influences behind your sound?

    Prides: There's loads of stuff. We all grew up with a big pop-punk influence; Blink-182 are the band that made us all pick up instruments. From there it was Jimmy Eat World, The Faint and The Postal Service. There's also a big 80s influence there: Kate Bush, The Cure, Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen, Tears for Fears, The Blue Nile; there are so many bands and artists I love from that era, and we do our best to emulate some of their song-writing sensibilities.

    What is the main differences between touring in the US and Europe? What are the crowds like?

    We've been massively lucky so far with our UK and our US touring; we've always had amazing, incredibly supportive crowds, right from the off. Its one of the things you worry about as a band coming to another country, but so far it's been a dream! So we've not really seen a massive difference. The main thing is that everywhere in the UK is far, far, far closer together!

    What was the writing process for this EP? Were the sessions as energetic as the music sounds?

    Not quite! We write, record and produce all our own stuff from our drummer Lewis's kitchen; so, sometimes, it's myself and Callum sat at a piano, but mostly we sit around the table, drinking coffee and shouting at each other. You can tell when you're on to something good though, because I like to go and dance in the living room.

    With titles like "Higher Love" and "Messiah," you can definitely get a religious vibe. Did any sense of spirituality affect the way this EP came together?

    Its something that I do tend to reference lyrically, but not in a directly spiritual sense. Those ideas, those references, are something that everyone understands and can relate to, whether they are religious or not. Plus both those songs, most of our songs in fact, are about love, and what's more spiritual than that.

    Pick up the EP here.

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