'Come Back' to the Catchy Swedish Pop of Urban Cone and Tove Lo
    • TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Few stars are exploding in the indie pop space right now quite as much as Tove Lo. The Swedish starlet is blowing up, and her rising tide brought notice of her fellow Swedes, Urban Cone, to our doorsteps. They have a new boisterously fun and spacey new single, "Come Back To Me," featuring Tove Lo and after hearing it, we knew we wanted a chance to chat with the band.

    Polaroid Memories comes out next week. There's an element of communal folk to "Come Back To Me" but also psychedelic pop. Are those widespread influences noticeable throughout the whole record?

    That's awesome! You know, we've never had our music described as folk before, but our goal with that song was to make something different so probably it's a good thing. We've never actually thought about what kind of genre we want to belong to. We really just do what we love and what comes naturally, but I guess psychedelic pop has a nice ring to it!

    Speaking of "Come Back To Me," what was it like working with Tove Lo on that newest track?

    It was amazing! Tove is such an amazing person, artist and songwriter. We're friends and I believe we've both wanted to collaborate with one another for some time now. I remember when we sent her the track and waited for her response. We were like kids waiting for Christmas Eve.. Luckily, she loved it! Since the track has come out, Tove has surprised us and our fans at a number of shows with joining us on stage to perform the song.

    There's a recurring sonic effect on "Come Back to Me" that's really fascinating. It sounds like a bent guitar note, but I'm halfway convinced it's either electronic or some spaced-out piano note because it's so warped and textured. Do you know what sound I'm talking about? If so, what is it and how did you do it?

    I believe you are referring to the main theme of the song. The vocal hook right? It's actually Rasmus's voice that has been treated and pitched. That's pretty much how the song started. Then Emil had this idea from a night out when he became the third wheel in a weird situation. The two people involved had been a former couple and you could tell that all they wanted to do was to scream out 'come back to me'. It's kinda about if love wasn't as complicated as everyone wants to make it.

    Can we expect you guys here in America any time soon?

    Yup, we are going on a tour with The Griswolds in mid June. We'll tour pretty much through the whole country so we'll hope to see a lot of people there! There are already a number of sold out dates, so it's super exciting. We are really excited to get back into the states, we love it there! After the states tour is over, we get to go out to Australia to do some shows there as well. Super excited!

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