the roundup: our five favorite videos from the week that was
    • THURSDAY, MAY 12, 2011

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    This week's Roundup is teeming with bizarre goodness. Blood Orange reminds you how righteous the Boys II Men 90s really were, with a video for "Dinner". The Hundred Days give new meaning to fake boobs, in "Sex U". Matt the Electrician tempts you to spend time with your family during the adorable "All I Know" road trip. Battles stymie your perceptions of hot and cold in "Ice Cream". And finally, Death Cab For Cutie hit the streets with Shepard Fairey to tag the lyrics of "Home Is A Fire".

    Blood Orange- "Dinner"

    Only in Brooklyn could you find hipster Prince. Our videographer, Alan Del Rio Ortiz, helped create this treasure.

    Watch the full video at

    The Hundred Days- "Sex U"

    The Hundred Days clearly weren't fans of "Lars and the Real Girl". Their mannequins party like it's the 80s (when Kim Cattrall was hot).

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    Matt the Electrician- "All I Know"

    Matt the Electrician and his cardboard cutouts give family road trips a guise of a loving journey. I think that I'll trust Chevy Chase on this one...

    Watch the full video at

    Battles- "Ice Cream"

    Karate + Side Boobs = Crazy Whipped Cream Party. Mr. Softee may change his name after watching this Battles vid.

    Death Cab For Cutie- "Home Is A Fire"

    Death Cab tunes could give sensual meaning to any crime. Rogue, street art never seemed so intimate.

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