out and about: cage the elephant and manchester orchestra
    • THURSDAY, MAY 12, 2011

    • Posted by: Mindee Anoff

    The overzealous, sold-out crowd at Terminal 5 on Wednesday was a mix of rowdy teens and the fresh-from-Wall Street crew, reliving their college days. There was not a hipster to be found anywhere, which was like a whole new world for me.

    As Cage the Elephant took the stage, the audience was screaming along to every lyric and hanging on to every word Matthew Shultz sang. An intense frontman who often seems like he's in his own little world, Shultz slowed the pace down a bit to deliver us a version of "Flow" unlike what you would ever hear on the album. The fans clapped up a storm and swayed to the slower beat; lighters were shot in the air and the smell of rock's most infamous enhance tool filled the venue. "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" was obviously the crowd favorite and this crowd in particular seemed to have been waiting all night for it, as a roar literally took over the space. In true rock fashion, CTE fully demolished their gear at the end of their set which led me to Google this gem.

    Manchester Orchestra greeted the crowd amongst more screaming and lots of moshing and began to play "Shake It Out" as Keyboardist and Percussionist, Chris Freeman squirmed and convulsed and had his own private party on the side of the stage. When the band played "April Fool" off of their newest album, Simple Math (released only a day earlier) to an audience who knew every word and sang right along, lead vocalist Andy Hull had to stop and thank the crowd for being true fans. The night went on to include serious stage diving, an abundance of flailing dance moves and a ridiculous amount of air guitar action. The show winded down with the band's titular tune off of Tuesday's release and the track did not disappoint. Sounding like a Death Cab for Cutie cut with a more defined edge, "Simple Math" was unlike anything we'd already heard. As the band played a few more songs, the event staff at T5 caused a little ruckus causing Hull to stop in the middle of the track and ask them to "chill out on the kids". A statement for the ages.

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