mp3 stream: arctic monkeys
    • THURSDAY, MAY 12, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    Although beginning with the historic ground work of The Beatles' undeniably engaging, infatuation-themed pop/rock tunes "Please Please Me", "Love Me Do", and "I Saw Her Standing There", Britain has transitioned to the veering electric guitars of modern rock groups such as Keane, Oasis, Franz Ferdinand, and Arctic Monkeys. Despite this sonic shift, however, it seems that the ole tale of an accented love-struck man still lives on in England. Maybe the royal wedding got them feeling romantic, who knows. All that is for sure is Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys has seen a pretty lady and decided to throw all inhibition to hell, giving her a "Reckless Serenade".

    He's serious about the subject's captivation, as you'll find within the lyrics. Apparently if this girl takes a stroll, she stops rain and causes spontaneous song in the streets. For anyone who has fallen victim to the obsessive antics that spawn from this kind of inescapable attraction, this particular jam is your new melody of wild-gesture encouragement.

    Listen to the stream below of "Reckless Serenade", off the Arctic Monkey's upcoming album, Suck It And See, dropping on June 7th.

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