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    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 12, 2010

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    Photos by Phoebe Chung. For more shows, check out our photo section

    Broken Social Scene took a most triumphant stab at two of the cities' venues this past weekend, coming out of both live ordeals with their daggers deservedly pierced with a whole lot of dough. Selling out both Webster Hall (Friday) and the Music Hall of Williamsburg (Saturday) tends to do that sort of thing for a band. So while Kevin Drew and Co. head off to England counting their good fortune, we're recounting the weekend that was, with an oh so satisfied feeling enveloping those of us who were lucky enough to cover the shows.

    On Friday, Baeble photog Phoebe Chung slung her camera 'round her neck and scooted down in front to snap the gorgeous photographs featured here, and in our slick new photo section. I, on the other hand, had the opportunity to gaze upon Saturday's show in Brooklyn; a humdinging, two hour set that featured a host of songs new and old, as well as a rotating cast of BSS members (to be expected)...again, both new and old (not so expected). Of course Kevin Drew quarterbacked the evening, with Brendan Canning, Andrew Whiteman, Lisa Lobsinger, and Justin Peroff all playing keystone roles throughout performances of "7/4", "Forced to Love", "Superconnected", "Texico Bitches", and "World Sick" (among many others). But it was Emily Haines' cameo for a performance of "Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl" that really sent the place into a tizzy; an exciting, you had to be there moment if ever there was one.

    Though Haines' appearance probably ranked high amongst most of the 600 or so in attendance Saturday, there were more subtle personal highlights that peaked this particular observer's ultimate interest. When last I saw BSS they were plodding through a set at The Parish in Austin...the band's third or fourth set of a busy run on SXSW. On that night the demands and workload that come with being one of the biggest groups at the festival seemed to take it's toll on the band. Their sound was mushy, their performance slightly uninspired, with Kevin Drew even taking a swipe at his audience, critiquing their trigger-happy tendencies behind their cameras (our recap of that night HERE).

    But Saturday showcased a kinder, gentler Kevin Drew. This was not the fellow proclaiming "the internet is ruining music!", but a happy go lucky helmsman inviting young men to the stage to hold his lyric sheet for him (a quote, inspired by said moment: "Homoerotic is the new punk, and Brooklyn needs to know!"). The rest of the band sounded sharper for their part as well, benefitting from sound men that were probably less burnt out than an Austin engineer on the last night of SX. Where once their four guitar configuration bloomed into a chaotic cloud of obtrusive sound in Austin, on this night each member was able to build their own distinct pillar of sound based on their call and response musical strategy. A guitar theme to the left, an answer to the right; BSS created their world renowned textures by remaining supremely aware of each other's personal contributions. Even the rhythm section got into the act, helping to usher each cut and paste piece of the pie together...sort of like neatly, interlocked fingers firmly in grip with one another.

    Where my first night with the band earlier this year was one I felt felted forced to love, Broken Social Scene in Brooklyn was a more natural affection. This is the performance I'll be holding on to for quite some time. Full set list below. Additional photos of Friday's performance HERE. - David Pitz

    BSS @ MHOW
    * Fuzz
    * Superconnected
    * World Sick
    * Stars and Sons
    * Texico Bitches
    * 7/4 (Shoreline)
    * Fire Eye'd Boy
    * Forced to Love
    * Art House Director
    * Cause = Time
    * All to All
    * Sweetest Kill
    * Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl
    * Sentimental X's
    * Almost Crimes
    * Water in Hell
    * Meet Me in the Basement
    * It's All Gonna Break

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