the guest apartment: caitlin crosby
    • TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2009

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    Here at Baeble we're always trying to dream up new ways to bring you loads of live, exclusive performances from some of today's most exciting artists. While we're extremely proud of the concert experiences we offer you on the website, today's most talented musicians are able to wow their fans in a variety of settings. With that in mind, we're proud to announce a new intimate performance setting dubbed "The Guest Apartment".

    Kicking things off, we invited Caitlin Crosby over to Baeble's guest apartment to do two acoustic cuts from her recently released album Flawz. A promising, LA-based singer/songwriter, Caitlin showed off her magnificent vocal range, rolling through "Generation"; a stirring critique of the misguided queues kids are forced to take from relentless, media outlets. This was followed by a performance of her album's title track, "Flawz". Listen closely. It's a song that could serve as anyone's personal pick-me-up. - David Pitz

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    Video: Caitlin Crosby Live @ Baeble's Guest Apartment

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