The Classic Country Folk Elegance of Jenn Grant
    • MONDAY, MAY 11, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    I'm a huge fan of Massachusetts folk duo The Weepies. There's something about the vulnerable emotionality of Deb Talan's voice that hits me every time. I'm not a twee-folk aficionado but the Weepies have always transcended that genre, and Jenn Grant has the potential to do the same.

    The Canadian singer-songwriter fuses classic folk and country utilizing a simultaneous elegance and lushness to her arrangements. And all the while, her voice signals a refreshing sincerity and immediate urgency which is missing in too much of modern music. We had a chance to chat with Jenn about her new music, and she should officially be on your radar.

    There's a distinct element of classic folk and a slight hint of classic country to your songwriting, especially on tracks like "Bring Me a Rose" and "No One's Gonna Love You (Quite Like I Do)." Were you influenced by artists from those eras?

    Jenn Grant: I'm influenced by many artists of different genres, but I do love country singers Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton. I have also been compared to The Carpenters since the song "No One's Gonna Love You (Quite Like I Do)..." came out and I didn't know what they meant until i sat down and listened. I can hear it too. I was also influenced by Rodriguez for the writing and making of this album.

    The video for "No One's Gonna Love You (Quite Like I Do)" centers on a mother/child relationship using both modern and classic footage. What was the inspiration for that video?

    That video was made during a 'ladies weekend!'. My friend Laura recently had her first baby, and I thought that the footage of us doing summer things together, and Laura with her new baby, suited the song.

    Your new record, Compostela, comes out May 19th. What are you hoping that your fans and listeners will get out of this latest record?

    I'm proud of this album, and I'm very happy to share it. It's always been my dream to perform and build fans around America. So i really hope that this album will connect me to my American audience, and that they will find comfort, joy and love when they listen to these songs. I heard from listeners, that Compostela is a healing record. It was a healing record to make and so my biggest wish is that it reaches all those who need it.

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