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    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 11, 2011

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Baeble may have invaded Texas for SXSW, but Sims seized the flight-home playlists of those fortunate enough to catch his performance at the Phoenix. Contemporary hip-hop is plagued with catchy rhymes of absurdity. The Minneapolis-born rapper, on the contrary, elects to reach back to the roots of the rhythmic art form to poetically preach with a revolutionist's state of mind.

    While his mainstream peers make a mockery out of the expressive form, SIMS' verse is giving alternative meaning to "Explicit" album warnings. It's not too often that you hear powerful messages against liberalism sermonized above catchy beats, but that's the result of SIMS' Bob Dylan-scored slumber. Watch the rapper perform and explain songs of his latest album, Bad Time Zoo, while in Austin.

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    Exclusive Session: Sims @ Baeblemusic Takes Texas - The Phoenix - Austin, TX

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