new music video: jj
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 11, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    Swedish electro-trance-pop groovers, jj, have released a music video for the track "Angels" off of their December 2010 mixtape, Kills. "Angels", appearing to have been shot in home-video form, flows through unbelievable shot after shot of one of Asia's most dynamic and exciting cities: Hong Kong. Take a short break from your work week and indulge in a pretend vacation courtesy of jj thanks to this recently released music video.

    Despite the non-stop incorporation of Hong Kong harbor's flashing lights from every available building set up along the island's sky line, the dream-like beats and drawn out vocal waves create an intriguing contrast to the city's fast paced reputation. With the scenic shots looking out over Victoria Peak, the featured light show of Central's Bank of China Building, palm tree covered side walks, peaceful ferry rides, and a constant rainbow-mesh of color that greets every turn of the camera, the PRC's prodigal son may want to consider recruiting this music video as an official tourist advertisement for the city of Hong Kong. Just a thought!

    Meanwhile, however, jj still bring artistic interpretation to the music video, slowing down the ending with a choppy, 45 second long, single shot of vocalist Elin Kastlander taking a nice nap. I guess romping around Hong Kong will eventually take its toll, no matter how much the bright lights entice you.

    Watch jj's new music video for "Angels" below.

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