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    • TUESDAY, MAY 11, 2010

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    The satisfaction Holy F*ck take from being a band - a band at SXSW nonetheless - is plain to see in our latest concert release. Here, headlining our 2010 SXSW Day Party, the Toronto based four piece soak up the moment, letting their hard hitting, electro rock renditions wash over both their own bodies, and the packed house lined along the stage to take it all in. This is intense music meant for inhaling and letting circulate all throughout the bloodstream. Performing a slate of songs from their just released album Latin (out today on Young Turks), the potency of their own music put some pep in the band's step, and plastered a general look of contentment across their faces. That kind of personal absorption obviously managed to find it's way to the crowd, creating what was probably the most enthusiastic response for any one band at the party. Today, we're pleased to release the show, allowing the performance to seep through the monitors/speakers and inebriate those of you at home for the first time. Careful...too much of this might have you feeling a little woozy. - David Pitz

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    Holy F*ck: Live at the Scoot Inn - Austin, TX - SXSW

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