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    • MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010

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    Is it just me, or has there been a disconcerting increase of natural disasters lately? (this isn't a country music joke). One music city is pondering where the media attention is for their crisis, while new(ish) bands lose original members, and old bands continue to make money (even if it's just for their estates). There is good news in here somewhere, I swear!

    • Nashville has been hit with a severe flood - the worst disaster in Tennessee since the Civil War. New York, LA, Nashville... the triumvirate of music cities, and yet the two former seem to be completely ignoring Nashville's plight (at least in the media). I didn't even know how bad it was until this morning... legendary music landmarks have suffered catastrophic damage. Opry Mills and the Opryland Hotel are "for all intents and purposes, destroyed". Billions of dollars in damage. Pay attention. [via The Daily Swarm]

    • Interpol bassist Carlos Dengler has left the band. Though he will appear on their recently finished album, and the split was amicable. He'll be replaced for their forthcoming tour opening for U2, or as we call it in the music business, making an unbelievable amount of money, because U2.[via Pitchfork]

    • CLASSIC ROCK NEWS: Liam Gallagher is confirmed as producing a Beatles movie/The Stones Documentary Exile On Main Street has a trailer. Pretty Green reports on the details of a Gallagher helmed fab-four flick, and the aforementioned trailer is below:

    Jay-Z played SNL this week, and I'm probably the only one who thought it was obnoxious, ill-timed, and generally boring. But Betty White was funny/old! So let's have a great week in her honor.

    The good news is we filmed Local Natives/Suckers on Thursday! It was a great show, like really great! Pictures soon! -joe puglisi

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