bamboozle coverage, part three: an interview with let's get it
    • MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010

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    Describing themselves as a mix of hip hop and pop punk, Ohio natives Let's Get It have one goal: to inspire you. That's what they want to do when you hear their music and see them play. I sat down with Joe Gilford (vocals), Taylor Foiles (bass), Tyler Smyth (guitar/keyboard), and Chris Lairmore (guitar/keyboard) in a hotel pool. I conducted the interview on my sh*tty tape recorder since I left my Flip Cam in my room, so sorry if I didn't get their words exactly right. Despite the minor setback, I think you'll enjoy these guys and what they have to say. -hanna kasper

    How did they band get started?
    Joe: It's a pretty cool story actually. We all played music in our local scene with different people. Taylor, our bass player was a photographer and he had shot both of our bands before. We had different relationships with different people back in our home of Dayton, Ohio, and once everyone started growing up and going to college and pursuing other things, we all wanted to keep playing music and take it further and try to make it our career. It worked out. We became a band, but more than that, a band of brothers.

    Is there any significance to the band name?
    Tyler: It's kind of like, here's the thing: we knew we wanted to do a hip hop kind of name since we're really influenced by that. It's really more of an inspirational thing, it's all about making something out of nothing and making dreams happen, you just have to work at it. I don't know, it's either that or because it's really catchy and we all like it. It really fit what we were going for because I feel like ultimately we wanted to inspire people to do whatever it is they want to do. Just do it and have fun with it.

    Can you describe your sound?
    Joe: Yeah our sound is actually really diverse. We're all very diverse and we're all individual. We're all kind of like the leader, you know? We just tried combining stuff we like. We all grew up in like the indie, pop rock scene and we have a strong hip hop influences like Kanye. We just love music whether it be electronic or whatever. We just always try to be conscious of our sound and make it something that expresses a lot. What it kind of comes out as, we actually call it epic pop, but it's like this rock club sound that we really think is something all our own, you know? People do think similar but not like us because they're not us.

    Who are your biggest influences?
    Chris: We all have a lot of different influences. I feel like my biggest influence would be The Killers.
    Me: He's coming out with a solo album you know.
    Chris: I know, so stoked. I love Brandon Flowers. He's my idol.
    Joe: I'll speak for Tyler. Tyler's biggest influence I would have to say is Pierce The Veil. Is that right?
    Tyler: Yeah I really like Pierce The Veil. But I really like John Mayer too.

    How do you think you've grown as a band since being together?
    Joe: Oh wow. That's an awesome question actually. We notice our growth all the time in a ton of different ways just from being out on the road and slowly becoming more road-tested. You start picking up on people in the band, like their strengths and what they're good at, and like the whole idea behind it is to really accentuate those things and find the best way to do that. And that just comes from just time and repetition and playing. I mean, you know we're constantly getting tighter, we're constantly figuring out, you know, what works live you know and what doesn't work live and how to really get a good crowd response, just really work people in that way. But ultimately the more we're around each other we pick up on what we're all good at and just try to create situations where we can really shine to our full potential because we have such awesome individual people in our band.

    What are your plans for the near future?
    Taylor: Well Joe just got back from LA writing. We're doing a lot of writing right now. After this we'll hopefully get everything really refined in the next few months and get stuff recorded this summer and have an album out soon after like towards the end of the year.
    Joe: Just for you specifically. Can that be known? Let this be known: it's all for Hanna.

    What's your favorite show that you've played?
    Tyler: It's probably going to be today.
    Joe: We don't know that. Bamboozle 2010.
    Tyler: Bamboozle 2010. I've hyped this show up in my mind. I've played it a ton of times in my mind. And every time it's super successful and everybody has a good time and loves it. It feels like I finally get respect. My dad's out there and he's like, I'm proud of you, and I'm like, Glad you could be here dad. And then out of nowhere Tyrese comes and he's like, That was awesome. I think it would be today.

    Is there anything else you want our readers to know?
    Joe: I want our readers to know, I mean your readers, that we love music and we hope that they do too. And if they decide to check us out, just...just whoever you listen to from here on out, go into music with an open mind and accept it for art and not try to read into hidden agendas. Love expression and love art, it's a really exciting time in music and we feel like we're contributing to it and just be open to it and be ready to accept it because it is a beautiful time. What's today? Today is the year 2010 and that is as futuristic as it will ever be. The future is now, that's it, the future is now. [laughs] I'm getting it tattooed on my leg. Today is tomorrow..
    Chris: Today is tomorrow's yesterday.

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