J. Cole Shows Everyone The Truth
    • MONDAY, MAY 01, 2017

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    In case you missed it, in March of last year, J. Cole's rented home where his studio is located in North Carolina, which he called The Sheltuh, was raided by a SWAT team while he and his crew were in Texas for SXSW. The reason? Well, the neighbors next to The Sheltuh assumed J.Cole was making and selling drugs out of the home and called the police. Over $1 million went into the police raid - including helicopters flying above the home - and of course, no operation was found and thankfully, nobody was home.

    So, what did J. Cole do? He dedicated the For Your Eyez Only track, "Neighbors," to the incident and he just released the actual footage from security cameras, in case anyone out there doubted his story. The rapper didn't just brush off the fact that his neighbors wrongly accused him of dealing drugs. The song and the release of this footage make it very clear, J. Cole is not someone you do wrong.

    The footage shows a dozen armed SWAT team officers approach the house, kicking down doors and disarming some of the security cameras. The clip is less than a minute and a half long but it's pretty crazy to watch. If J. Cole or any of his crew was home at the time of the raid, it would've been a very dangerous situation.

    "I guess the neighbors think I'm sellin' dope," he raps on the hook before going into more detail about it. "I can't sleep 'cause I'm paranoid / Black in a white man territory / Cops bust in with the army guns / No evidence of the harm we done / Just a couple neighbors that assume we slang / Only time they see us we be on the news in chains, damn." He is making sure everyone knows what happened.

    J. Cole's documentary, For Your Eyez Only is now available to watch on YouTube. Find it here.

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