Funkin' Out On 'The Wild Life' With Outasight
    • FRIDAY, MAY 01, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    I'm all about funk. I have been since I was a kid when my dad bought some bargain bin Greatest Funk Hits CD at Wal-Mart. It was a staple of long car rides. I also have a soft spot in my heart for funk-infused hip-hop, and the second that I heard "The Wild Life" by Yonkers native but L.A. emigre Outasight, I knew we were going to post it on the sight. We had a short e-mail chat with Outasight about his new single and his current exodus to California and living "The Wild Life."

    Clearly, Outasight has its music rooted in funk and hip-hop. Who were your influences as a band? [Ed. note: I knew he was a solo artist but I accidentally sent this e-mail with "band" out of a force of habit.]

    Outasight: Well, just a heads up, I'm one guy. A one man band if you will. I'm a music nerd first, so influence wise, I'm all over the place. Recently I've been into a ton of James Brown and PFunk, but grew up on Stevie [Wonder, I presume], and also love Dilla, Kanye, and a ton of contemporary artists.

    What's involved with maintaining the energy of tracks like "The Wild Life" in a live setting?

    We try not to maintain. When I perform a show, I want you to lose yourself. I want it to feel like yo momma just went away for the weekend and you got a keg in your backyard. I want it to feel like the first weekend away at college. I want to feel like you're Prince and its 19motherfucking9. You dig? When we come to your town, it's a motherfucking experience.

    I can't hear "The Wild Life" without immediately thinking of Parliament Funkadelic. Are you a fan of Parliament and if so, what are some of your favorite songs?

    I just moved to LA, and so the weather as you know is always nice. So I just have parties and BBQs all the time, and if you come over right now, Funkadelic's One Nation Under A Groove is usually playing from front to back. So good call by you.

    You recently moved from Yonkers to L.A. and that inspired "The Wild Life." What have been some of the biggest coast differences for you so far?

    Just a mindstate man. I was just getting depressed a bit in New York. I recorded a bunch in a homemade studio I made in my hometown. I kinda moved back there to take it all in. I drove down the same blocks I grew up in every night on the way to the studio. I had to reconnect with who I was before I could figure out who I wanted to be. So after a while, I reached this point, where I said, "I've seen this before, and man, ain't shit changed! So I gotta change." That's when I packed up my shit and moved. It's been real refreshing for me.

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