Tyler, the Creator Finally Grows Up
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 09, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    There we go. This is the Tyler, the Creator I don't have to feel shitty about appreciating. Right out of the gate, there was never any question that Tyler was (alongside Earl Sweatshirt and Frank Ocean) an immensely talented member of the Odd Future crew. But any time you talk about how innovative and unique Tyler's skills as an MC are, you invariably have to add the addendum "but, the shit he says is about as offensive as can possibly be." Tyler has always been a shock artist, and while there's certainly room for that -- look at XXX-era Danny Brown -- Tyler's shock comes in the form of cheap homophobia and misogyny.

    Tyler's dropping his newest record, Cherry Bomb, next week, and today he released the video for "Fucking Young"/"Perfect" off the new album .The tracks are dynamite, particularly "Fucking Young" which represents a turning point in Tyler recognizing that he's getting older and has new responsibilities and can't chase young girls any more, and he spits rhymes with a ferocious intensity on "Perfect."

    But, most impressively, Tyler self-directed the video, and I think Tyler might have a career behind the camera as much as he has one on the mic. There are allusions to Cinema Paradiso and Mad Max in the same video, but Tyler has a genuine sense of composition and storytelling. I want Tyler directing more of his videos in the future.

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