Zach Braff Busts Out Another Hipster Movie
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 09, 2014

    • Posted by: Devin Granados

    What a surprise, Zach Braff has constructed another super duper scene soundtrack to his new movie Wish I Was Here. The trailer for his new flick came out today featuring a song by Garden State proteges, The Shins.

    The film seems like a possible continuation on Garden State considering the protagonist is, yet again, a struggling actor. Zach Braff plays an older family man dealing with financial struggles and the consequential home education he has to provide for his kids.

    The soundtrack so far is rumored to include, The Shins (obviously), Bon Iver, and a Chris Martin song performed by Cat Power. Considering Braff felt the need to use Kickstarter to fund his movie, we're wondering if he really has to act as a struggling actor in these movies..

    Here's his Kickstarter video, gotta give it to him its pretty funny.

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