Chatting With Reggie, AKA Preme, AKA Poisson, AKA Superhero Tour Manager For RDGLDGRN
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 09, 2014

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    There are all kinds of folks who make the gears of this bizarre entertainment industry turn. We're most thankful for the artists who soundtrack our lives and give us a reason to show up every damn morning, of course, but there are also the producers and engineers who make dramatic stamps on the creative process, the label peeps and publicists who get the music out there, and the publishers who lap it all up.

    Of all the possible positions bumping around in this vast musical cosmos, it's the tour manager who is often the most criminally under appreciated, however. They are the individuals tasked with handling the band, which may or may not (depending on said band) be the hardest babysitting gig on the planet, getting them where they need to be, when they need to be there, loading them in, setting them up, running sound check, handling merch, sometimes sound/lights, handling payout, day in, day out, every damn day of tour. It's exhausting just writing about their responsibilities (and I'm sure I missed more than a few).

    Recently our flashy friends in RDGLDGRN shared a little rock doc seen through the eyes of their very own personal super hero, Reggie, aka Preme, aka Poisson. Here, Reggie and the crew run around NYC (say, isn't that footage shot outside our own abode, when the band swung by for a rare acoustic performance?), rock a performance in Boston, hang back stage in Wisconsin, and experience border crossing mishaps on a doomed trip to Montreal. Through it all we see Reggie steering the good ship RDGLDGRN, explaining, "it's like taking care of my big brothers. It's kind of weird but cool."

    We enjoyed the doc so much we thought we would pay Reggie his due and shoot a few additional questions his way about life with the band, the best/worst parts of the job, why he thinks RDGLDGRN are completely unique, and what his spirit color is.

    How did you get hooked up with this band?

    I got hooked up with the band by knowing GOLD since I was 12 or 13. I met him through my older brother; at the time he was in a different band and wasn't working with GREEN or RED yet. When he started working with them, he showed me the stuff and I instantly loved their music. This was around 2006 I believe, and I was still in high school at the time. Between then and now I built a relationship with them and they started taking me to shows as an extra help. When they started touring as RDGLDGRN and needed a tour manager, it was kind of was a no brainer to keep me around.

    Can you take us through a typical day supporting this band?

    A typical day supporting this band on tour would be: Wake up in the morning, call RED's phone to wake everyone up, call RED's phone again, call GREEN's phone, then call GOLD's phone, then call the front desk of the hotel to find out their room number, and then call them directly in their rooms to get everyone going. Once that's done, we get some breakfast or lunch, depending on what time it is and how far we have to drive. Once we get to the venue, it's usually straight to sound check, make sure everything is all right and then pretty much wait until show time. During the drives, the band is either playing FIFA in the van or they are each on their own laptops making beats or editing/mixing songs.

    What's the best part of your day?

    The best part of the day for me is seeing the guys perform. Every city is different, so it's always fun seeing how people respond to the music and the band's chemistry with the crowds. Also, when the show is over and I finally get to sleep is pretty awesome too.

    What's the hardest part of the job?

    There isn't one main thing that is the hardest in my opinion. Just small things here and there that happen that can frustrate me. Things like arriving to the venue a little bit later than planned and not having as much time for a sound check, getting everyone in one place at the same time for interviews, dealing with car problems (thankfully it's only happened once the last three US tours), and not getting enough sleep when we have to drive to a city that's eight hours away. Our merch guy Will and I split the driving so if I'm too tired, he'll cover and I'll rest and then I'll take over while he rests, so it all works out.

    What do you personally get out of helping to support this band?

    Helping out my friends' band, basically. Even though I knew GOLD at a young age, he was more my brother's friend than he was mine, so I was a fan of their music before I started working with them. Since first hearing their music when I was 16 I wanted to see this band go far and do major things, so being able to help them on tour and make things smoother and take a little load off their shoulders means a lot. I think it helps that I'm invested in the music since I was a fan first and became close friends with them at a young age rather than just being someone they didn't really know who they hired to just help them on tour.

    What do you think is the most unique aspect about this creative force, known as RDGLDGRN?

    The fact that every member comes from a different cultural background and they come together and make this music. It's always hard for me to pinpoint their genre and I think that has a lot to do with it. While they all enjoy some of the same music, they all each listen to different kinds of music and they bring all those influences and sounds together in their music.

    If you had to pick your own color to represent you, what would it be?

    My favorite color is blue, but there was already someone named BLUE who was in the band with them before they separated, so it feels wrong for me to say my color would be BLUE. When I first started working with them I wore a lot of Supreme clothing and the guys ended up calling me PREME since that was all I wore, so I guess that would be my color, even though that isn't a color, but hey it works.

    Anything else you want the world to know about you?

    I am a fish.

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