New Music Video: Drake
    • MONDAY, APRIL 09, 2012

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    If you're looking for a double dose of Drizzy, Aubrey Drake gave the music world a Passover gift that keeps on giving (if you're a Drake fan). Two music videos from two different sides of the Drake world came right on sundown on Friday which is significant for religious reasons, and since one of the videos is of Drake having his second bar mitzvah, we doubt it was a coincidence. "Take Care" (which features wonderful production values from Jamie xx) is a very low-key, artsy video featuring Rihanna, random images of bulls, and a guy doing very impressive dancing/gymnastics. It could almost pass for a Coco chanel ad until the Gil Scott-Heron remix comes in which is cool but still not as spot on as "Who Will Survive in America".

    "HYFR" on the other hand is more like the antithesis of low-key and features Drizzy and the rest of the Young Money crew going H.A.M. at Drake's bar mitzvah after party. Considering that "HYFR" stands for "Hell Yeah, F***ing Right," you really shouldn't be shocked. Lil Wayne provides a guest verse, an absurd panda mask (someone should have done a Noah Lennox shout-out), and the ugly suits to end all ugly suits. If I had had a bar mitzvah growing up, I definitely would have wanted mine to be this bad-ass.

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