Damon Albarn Says Blur and Gorillaz Are Done
    • MONDAY, APRIL 09, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    If you're just coming off your chocolate bunny high, this might help sober you up-- Damon Albarn, the prolific front-man of British legends Blur and the voice of Gorillaz has said that both projects are unlikely to continue past this year.

    In an interview with UK's Guardian, he responded somewhat grimly when question on the future of both.

    So no more Blur records?

    "No, I don't think so."

    And will you play live again after Hyde Park?

    "No, not really."

    Which brings us to another of today's revelations. Will there be more Gorillaz music?

    "Er... unlikely."



    Blur going out with a bang after Hyde Park (AKA the closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Summer Olympics) seems fair-- the band is definitely past its prime. But the Gorillaz break seems to be the result of a rumored dispute between Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett in 2011 while touring around the Plastic Beach release. Many claim Hewlett (who was dissatisfied with the lack of visuals on the tour, reportedly) is the one who is ending the band's run.

    For kids everywhere who grew up on "Clint Eastwood," this is sad news indeed. I ain't happy, that's for sure.

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