mixtape 54
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 09, 2010

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    54 always make me thing of Studio 54, and since I don't think we can officially sanction a mixtape picture with hookers and blow, we'll go with a disco ball! Hooray, fishbowl shoes! This week New York City went from wet mud-puddle to scorched Earth, as we traded cold, whipping rains for 90-degree sunglass weather. Great trade! We are like the NFC over here. I'll give you two weeks of rain and this half-eaten bag of Doritos for JaMarcus Russel. But anyway, let's tap the jukebox with our fists and give the week a collective "HEYYYYYY", as we put on our leather jackets and ride grease lightning off into the sunset and eventually into a terrible sequel. Coooooool rider.

    The Mixtape. Always fresh, like a smart-mouthed punk.

    ...listen to the mixtape...

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